Regarding Native Ctrix installation problem

Hi all,

we are trying to set up native ctrix but we are facing some problems.

we install native ctrix plugin at studio(2018.4.4) and installed UipathRemoteRuntime.msi (19.4 version ) file at server side.
but still we not able select elements in ctrix application .
can u help us to install native ctrix setup correctly and what are the settings need to change .

thank you .

Hi @Ramakrishna_Iteamset,
I’m not quite sure but I think your studio extension version is not compatible with runtime version on server. You can solve it with two ways:

  1. Update Studio to version compatible with Runtime.
  2. Contact with Technical Support so they will be able to give you compatible runtime version to your studio. Or maybe they will have other solution :slight_smile:

thank you Pablito ,

it’s working well now , as u sad i changed my uipathruntime and uiautomation activites versions as same .

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