Regarding list and its properties

IN that image something like
" an instance method and does not return any values" is written.
i didnt understand what does it actually trying to say?

anyone with complete explaination?



signature, static and instant method?

when using method from a class we will get returned

  • a value, when method is a function
  • void / nothing when method is a sub (subroutine)

we do need mandatory to get back a value when it is used on assign acitvity right side, so that we can assign to left side

Sort is sub. so we will use it within an invoke method

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and can you please explain these too ?

signature, static and instant method?

sure, but please let us know more to your technical background. Please elaborate a bit about you and your current skills. Thanks

i am student of engineering with computer science but fresher, basic knowledge of js and python.

A static method belongs to the class and a non-static method belongs to an object of a class. The static methods can by accessed directly from the class, while non-static methods (or instance methods as I like to call them) have to be accessed from an instance.

Methods, constructors, indexers, and operators are characterized by their signatures. A signature makes a method look unique to the compiler. The method name and the type and order of parameters all contribute to the uniqueness of signatures.

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yes i needed such kind of explanation :sweat_smile: ,thanks

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