Regarding License in UIPath

I have 2 queries regarding Licence in UIPath

  1. For Enterprise edition which is given as 60 days trial, is that named user licence or concurrent user licence.

  2. If I install UiPath in RDP, if 2 users login on the same time, and need to work simultaneously which type of license is required.

Anyone please response


It will be named user licence only. Once activated one machine we can’t use same licence key in other system.

For this, we need High Density robots and by using which we can multiple robots in same machine with different user accounts simultaneously. You can take any type of license like Attended, Unattended or Non production.

Hi @lakshman.

Thanks for your response. I have one doubt.

If UIPath studio is installed in RDP can 2 person can run the studio simultaneously. High Density as I undersood is regarding Robot not for Studio.

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running studio means ROBOT - as robot does the execution for the process designed in the studio
so for high density as concerned with robot it can run

Cheers @Bipasha_Dutta