Regarding Issue in connecting mainframe via Aviva Emulator -TN3270

Hi Team,
I am working on latest licence version of UiPath 2016.2.6275 with Terminal 3270 using Aviva Emulator version Aviva Release 12 AV0119R. I tried using various options to connect to mainframe via terminal and getting below errors.

  1. Using IBM ELLAPI.
    Error: EhllDllNotFound (inpite of having DLL in place)

As per the given forum: Mocha TN3270 Integration using UiPath Terminals Help

i did the configuration and managed to get the given pcshll32.dll but could not download IBM Personal Communication

  1. UiPath Internal
    System Exception: There was error conntecting to terminal. Error code: Error at UiPath. Terminal. Activities.Terminsal Session.End Execute(NativeActivityContextcontext, 1Async Result result)

  2. RocketBlueZone
    Error Code: Error in creating terminal proxy

  3. IBM Personal Communications.
    It asks for properties files.

Appreciate if any one can help. Also for your FYI, I am able to connecting it via emulator hence they is no question of providing wrong hostname, port nos.

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First of all, all of those are different emulators. You need them to be installed on the computer to use them. They can all very well connect to that server. Now, with EHLL API, we attach to THAT emulator, therefore using it to interface with the mainframe server. But you need to study the documentation for each specific one to find the DLL containing the functions.

Aviva emulator offers the possibility to connect via EHLL API through EHLLAP32.dll.
Here is the connection string. It does not use Enhanced EHLL.

“{‘AttachExisting’:false,‘ConnectionType’:2,‘EhllDll’:‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Aviva Solutions\AFD\EHLLAP32.dll’,‘EhllEnhanced’:false,‘EhllFunction’:‘hllapi’,‘EhllSession’:‘A’,‘Host’:null,‘Mode’:1,‘Port’:23,‘Profile’:null,‘ProviderType’:4,‘ShowTerminal’:true,‘TerminalType’:0}”

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If you are going to try Rocket Bluezone, make sure to install the 32 Bit version, not the 64 bit version.

There is a 30 day trial on the rocket site - Rocket Terminal Emulator - Web and Desktop Editions

The process is to start it manually, and get it connecting then save the session profile. When you’ve got it you can reference that session profile in UiPath. Sorry, I don’t know the settings for your terminal.

Hi Team,
Thanks everyone for your help.

This issue is sorted out.Using IBM ELLAPI.
Error: EhllDllNotFound (inpite of having DLL in place)

We used Using IBM ELLAPI Dropdown.
We installed IBM Personal Communication and located following dll files and everything started working.

C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Personal Communications\pcshll32.dll

Once this is done it will fist connect to terminal and ask for credentials and take you to welcome screen.

Hi amit,
i’m using uipath internal IBM personal communication for TN 3270 its working fine,
but when there is an exception its closing the session, how to resolve it and make sure not to close the session even if there is exception.


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is there any solution you encountered for this case?

No… I am re-initializing the session if there is an exception.