Regarding Exception Handling


Hello all,
I have query regarding exception handing.when we deal with exception in our sequence, for example i have sequence with OPEN BROWSER activity,i have to check URL is valid or not.if URL is not valid then i want to show error message “Invalid URL”, after this message the execution should be going on for sequence ,how can i achieve this without breaking execution.


hey @SagarSB

you can just use Http Request activity and pass your url to it in a loop and check the response code output you will get.
if it will be 200 then that will be a valid url. Then based on that you can make a decision in your process how you wanna handle next.



hello @aksh1yadav,
can u show me with example?? please share xaml file of it.


Hi @SagarSB,

Use Http Request Activity
In Properties
Input->EndPoint ->Give the Url here
Output->StatusCode-> create int variable (intvalid)
if intvalid is equal to 200
then valid url
else invalid url.



This time i m giving a simple sample but try to do first yourself then you can ask if you are facing issues.

validate site url.xaml (5.6 KB)


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