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Hi @arivu96, In my excel we need to add two columns and result should print to next column but I’m getting the following result.
Please find the attachment.

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Remove rowsCount from Expression. Just “C1:C11” is sufficient if no.of rows are fixed.
If number of rows are dynamic use the expression “C1:C” + rowsCount

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Kurra_Kranthi,

Try below code
"C1:C" + rowsCount .ToString()

send your xaml file i ll check and give the best solution for ur process.


@KarthikByggari Thanks its working!

@arivu96 last row is missing.Please find the attachment.Screenshot%20(45) Screenshot%20(46)

Can you send ur xaml file I ll check and update you.


sum_excelDT.xaml (7.2 KB)

Hi @Kurra_Kranthi,

Excel sheet doesn’t have the headers but in the read range you have checked the add headers property that’s why you are not getting the result for the last row. uncheck and try again


Yea, sure

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