Regarding Email Text

I want to send this message box data in email in text format. how will i send this data please help me…

Hi @praveen_sonkusare

You need to install the Uipath.Mail.Activities package using manage packages .

Use Send SMTP Mail Message Activity.
pass the string you want to send(message box Text) in the Body .
specify To email address and subject.
You will also need to specify the username, password, server( for gmail) and port number(587 for gmail).

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if it is outlook you can use send outlook mail message, then you can use the same variable or the text you used to print this in message box in the body of the email.

i am using outlook but i am not getting any email in my other account and it doesn’t show any error also.

My send outlook mail message is not working i am trying to send email through this activity but it is working but i am getting any email in my other account.

pls go through the doc to check with the settings