Regarding downloading issue for UiPath studio

I wasn’t able to download the UiPath studio community version. I have tried multiple times downloading but everytime it gets terminated at the end and shows something went wrong

Hi @thiru211

Go to at the right side you can Download Studio option download from there. Message here if you have any difficulty in downloading.


Hi @thiru211

Try to check the below docs and resolve the error

Check the below thread too, It might help you

I have tried to download the studio from this site only. Already I have tried 3 times but everytime the same issue occurs, exactly after downloading 1.1 gb it terminates and shows something went wrong when I give try again it agains starts downloading from the beginning. Kindly provide steps that I need to take inorder to avoid this issue.


After downloading a half part it asks to to close all the chrome and edge browsers are you closing everything and clicking on ok if not download will fail. Message if you face any difficulty


During download it does not show any message or error code but after downloading it shows something went wrong and terminates

Hi @thiru211

Once Delete the UiPath Studio by go to to Settings-> Apps ands Features-> Click Uninstall. Do not delete the the studio directly where its installed.

After that go to Cloud, click download Studio. Wit until the Download is complete after that unzip the folder click on .msi file. Accept all agreements and click install.


Hello @thiru211 , Try to download the UiPath by using the below Link:

Before downloading check your internet speed, Clear the browser cache & cookies. Other wise try to download in the different browsers.

Does that cloud lead to the same UiPath site for downloading?

Yes @thiru211

Go to this website A zip folder will get downloaded.

After that follow Accept all agreements and follow the further process.



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Try fownloading with a different broswer or use a incognito browser and check

Hope this helps


I wasn’t able to download the studio again and the same issue occurs, Kindly provide any other steps to download UiPath studio.
Also I send the image of the incompletely downloaded UiPath studio in my device.

Hi @thiru211

Please refer the below images for clear understanding.
When we click on Download Studio option in Orchestrator it starts getting downloaded. The setup file will be shown as below in 1st image as it is getting downloaded and will take some time for the entire setup file to get downloaded based on network speed. Once the complete setup file is downloaded then it is shown as highlighted one in the 2nd image.

The below highlighted one is shown once the setup file starts getting downloaded.

The below highlighted one is shown once the setup file is completely downloaded.


But it gets stopped at the end and when I click resume it gets started downloading again from the beginning. I’ll attach that image with this email


Can we connect through zoom bro.


Sure at what time you will start the meeting? And also can you please provide any other alternate methods to download

Hello @thiru211 Did you find the solution for the error while downloading the UiPath studio

Yes, it is working and I have downloaded the studio

Can you please tell me, how can I download the studio?

Actually I have copied the UiPath studio file from the below mentioned Google drive link

I have copied it to my Google drive and tried to download the file which got downloaded without any problem. This is how I downloaded the UiPath studio and installed it. If you want try this…