Regarding customised status for UiPath Work Queue Item

Is there any way by which customised transaction status can be set on work queue. if yes how?

Hi @amitbhatt55,

You can set custom progress sub-statuses for when the Transaction is in “In Progress” status using Set Transaction Progress
This way, you can have the Transaction status as something like

  • In Progress -> Phase 1 Complete
  • In Progress -> Phase 2 Complete

I believe that the Transaction status is limited to specific choices, however.

but can you retrieve this progress status and process the transaction further based on this progress status?

@RiteshJain1411 @amitbhatt55

You can also retrieve this progress status and make additional processes based on the status. For assessing individual transaction items, simply use QueueItem.Progress to retrieve the progress status as a string.

Finding specific transaction items with a specific progress status was a bit more complicated for me; I used GetQueueItems and a ForEach loop to do this. I’ve attached an example XAML below.

QueueProgressStatusExample.xaml (14.4 KB)

Hi Ritesh,
Thanks for your email. Its is not about retrieving the data or status, it is about setting customized status over and above the standard status that can be set for UiPath work queues.


Gotcha. No, you cannot create custom Transaction Statuses. You can, however, set custom Transaction Progresses, which will show up when the Transaction Status is set to “In Progress”