Regarding custom activities or functions for Excel, Pdf, Notepad, etc. - To have market place

Dear All,

I have developed 60+ functions for Excel, Pdf, Notepad, etc. Such as Pivot table, Filter range, find replace function, worksheet and data manipulation and even much more.

I guarantee that these functions will be really helpful for a developer to automate their processes.

And I want to publish this package and am looking for marketplace.

That’s great. I am really sure it would help community a lot.

If all those are custom activities as .nupkg then you can upload it on UiPath Gallery (

Rammohan B.


Hi All,
I have build lots of Excel & PDF Activities which we use on a daily routine.
Activities are as follows : -

  1. Pivot Table - Works with or without Excel Application Scope.
  2. Filter Range / Data - Works with or without Excel Application Scope.
  3. Find & Replace - Advanced Technology. (See the video)
  4. Text to Columns - Fixed width & Delimiter.
  5. Copy paste data - To same workbook or to other workbook without any format loss.
  6. Remove Duplicates - Single / multiple columns.
  7. Update Status in an Excel sheet after processing some invoices or any (Completed, Success, Closed, etc)
  8. Clear contents - To delete / clear the data of a given column.(See the function lists in drop-down)
  9. Excel Save as - To save the excel in different format (.xls to .xlsb OR .xlsm to .xls)
  10. Cells Formatting - To set the columns in a required format (General, Text, Number or any custom format)
  11. Export PDF to Excel.
  12. Export Notepad to Excel.
  13. Extract specific lines from Notepad and paste into an Excel.
  14. Extract specific lines from PDF and paste into an Excel.

All activites under custom activities in : -
Kindly go through each of the activities…


Hey Hi Badita,

Hope you are doing good!

Have uploaded all these functions in Devpost Gallery.

Hi @Rajtk7

Nowadays, it is Go! :slight_smile:

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can u pls share