Regarding ControlCenter Database logs



Hi Team,

Our Application is saving the logs in the database.

I have noticed a very weird thing. In morning it does the perfect logging but after 11:59 it stops logging data in database.

I am aware of 11:59 known issue where updates on control centre wont be visible but I am not sure why this is also impacting out ControlCenter database.

I did logged off robot session and launched the robots again but still it does not log anything.

we are using UI Path version 8.1.5870.32892

Can you please help ?


Update :

I checked the database logs again and after 11:59 it starts recording from 00:00:00

I was expecting 12, 13, 14 and so on…

I am not sure if this is a UIPath issue or Configuration problem but bottom line is => we are not loosing any logs.

hope this helps.


why not move to 2016.2? :slight_smile:


Thinking to upgrade but little scared at this moment…