Regarding changing in UI

How to justify client for effort for changing Look and Feel in particular application. Anyone has any template? Please let me know by end of the day. I really need it on urgent basis

Hi @hemal, not sure I understand the question - your looking for advice on how to justify the effort required to change an application UI? is the application a UiPath App?

Many thanks,

Hi yes.

There is a desktop application and we were about to complete that app however client side the application GUI got changed. Totally new app we got. Now all the selectors have changed. When we said 75% efforts it will need but they are not ready to listen as they said logic is same then why 75%! So I need a template if you can provide which shows each and every field is important for Uipath.


Hey Hermal, unfortunately I dont know that you will be able to find something like this. It is something which will differ from process to process. For instance if all of your activities are in containers, and you are using modern object repositories, good component layering etc it could actually by quite quick to get everything updated with the new selectors, but on the other hand if you are using classic activities, no containers, no components etc. then changing the selectors could be quite a large task. there are quite a few things which would factor in here so its going to be difficult to come up with one template.

If I were in your position, I would see how long it takes to change one of the automation components which you have built, then use that information alongside what you know about how many components / activities you need to change and use that as a guide for a discussion. remembering of course that you will want all of this tested too which will add time following the development.

I know that’s not quite what you wanted but hopefully that helps a bit!