Regarding Browser Size, Resolution and RDP

a. If we change browser size like 80%, 90% or 100%, will it effect the selectors?

b. If we change screen resolution of machine like small, medium or high, will it effect selectors?

c. If we run BOT from RDP, should we need to keep the client screen open always? cant we minimize RDP screen and continue working on our different work?

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Hi @Ashraf_Khan,
a) if you are using web applications using CSS frameworks like bootstrap, and you are using the class classes in the selector, then there is a chance of change in selectors when the browser size changes. Try to avoiding CSS classes from selectors, it will help you get rid of this situation

b)in some cases where we use methods like image automation, OCR operations etc.

c)Yes, sometimes minimising the RDP client window may affect the automation. Some operations can’t be performed while it is minimised. If you are using a un attended bot, then sign out from the RDP session, and start the process from the orchestrator.

If it’s not possible, and you still want to run the bot minimized, try the below method.
Open the bot machine on another VM, then you can minimize the new VM, by doing this the bot machine screen will be in open state inside the second VM. So you can do other works by minimizing the second VM.


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