Regarding Array of dictionary

im working on a process of reading and writing to sharepoint.
In the reading process, i am able to fetch the list items from sharepoint in the form of array of dictionary and loop through them to convert to dictionary and then write the particular rows in string format to database .
now while writing the data to sharepoint i have only string variables . How do i convert them into array of dictionary inorder to write them to sharepoint???

Hi @shishirshetty2701

use build dictionary to create a dictionary and use add dictionary to add the string values to it.

then you can use the resultant dictionary for the remaining task


hi @Ajju how do i build dictionary??

Install Microsoft.Activities.Extensions package @Ajju

hello @shishirshetty2701

you can do it in two ways, i have uploaded two workflow choose which one you want to use.

before that install the package image (14.6 KB)


@Ajju thanks alot i will try them and get back to you