Regarding adding data to queue (from json format)

Hi Everyone,

Please help me in my query. I have created a custom activity where json format can be handled. But now my query is,
Example - I have worked in different cities like, mumbai, pune, Bangalore. And there are many employees …there are many developers, managers who have worked in different cities. So my JSON format is like,

‘Developer’ : [ {

‘Information’ : {
‘EmployeeDetails’ : [
‘FirstName’ : ‘Hemal’,
‘LastName’ : ‘S’
‘FirstName’ : ‘TestPerson’,
‘LastName’ : ‘XYZ’

‘OccupationCities’ : [

‘Occupation’ : ‘Developer’,
‘City’ : ‘Pune’

‘Occupation’ : ‘Manager’,
‘City’ : ‘Mumbai’



In this example, like i have added all the data in queue and from queue i am extracting and importing to one of the website. So in that website i have to searched all these given data and verify if it exists or not.
So first of all, I will enter the details into textboxes of Website like, FirstName, LastName . Like, Hemal and S. Then going to the next node, I will enter Occupation as Developer and then I will enter City as ‘Pune’ . Now i got that particular person data then next, would be TestPerson, XYZ, Manager, Mumbai.
Hope you got my example. Now the thing is, i have created a custom one, which handles like,
Developer[0].Information.EmployeeDetails[0].FirstName : Hemal Developer[0].Information.EmployeeDetails[0].LastName:S

So my question is like, How could I handle it? Because I want the first part of every array. Then if it is not available then I need the second part of it. So likewise, I want to add that data into queue.


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Hey @hemal

I hope I understand your query.

If you are populating the JSON based on your website and you are trying to use it inside of UiPath, have you tried reading the JSON in as a dictionary?

@Jacqui_M hey,
Yes. I have created a custom control and i am getting thr output in dictionary format and again i don’t know how do i make the logic because the next step would be, as i said i need all thr nodes values of key from first array but it difficult to do because if you fetch the data in dictionary or comma separated , but to get the values in right format from json structure is difficult


Hello Henal,
In this video I work with a complex JSON:

and in this video I have multiple examples with Dictionary:

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