Reg RE Framework I need to terminate error transaction item and move to next item in queue

About my automation -Using RE Framework I am getting input data from excel sheet and load them in queue and then executing each steps in application .

E.g. Let say i have 25 steps in my automation and in-between 22nd steps got error due to data issue and due to this my automation stopped . now i need to raise business exception , So I have used try /catch and in catch block i am sending user email this data not processed in application . its happening successfully .

But my issue is I am not able to raise exception and transaction is getting success and moving next transaction data in same screen , Actually i want to raise business exception and then close the application and restart my application to start from step -1 with next transaction data. I tried throw activity in try catch block it will not work .

If anyone have solution please provide how to handle exception and raise business exception and terminate application start from from beginning with next transaction data .

In RE framework,if business exception is thrown,it updates the transaction with business exception and continues with next transaction.It does not close the application and intialize the application.The above mentioned behaviour happens during application exception only.No need to close the application in case of business exception.


What you can do is…modify the process state machine transition…in RE framework when there is a business excpetion the transition is to get transaction data from process…you can change it to initialization just as system exception transition…then even for business exception it would re open all applications…

And either in your catch block or inside the set transaction xaml …use the close applications to close all before re opening

Hope this clears


thanks for your time , it worked

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Thank you …!! i got the solution

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