RefreshPivotTable activity is missing in 2019.4 Beta

Hi All,

My studio is upgraded to 2019.4. Post this I’m getting this error

I’ve checked Refresh Pivot Table activity is missing from the UiPath.Excel.Activities package.

Note :UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelRefreshPivotTable this package is updated.

Any inputs on the same? Is this activity moved to some other package?


I also updated to 2019.4 and Refresh Pivot Table activity is there in my activities panel.

By the way, What is the version of UIPath.Excel.Activities package ? Mine is v2.5.2

Hi lakshman,

Mine too is v2.5.2.

Not sure why this issue is poping up … will try to re-install all the packages. Hope it resolves…


Yes do that one uninstall that package and then install it again.