Refreshing Drop Down Box

Hi I am attempting to select an item each from 2 drop down box.
Box A: option 1, option 2
Box B: if selected option 1 in A: dog, cat
If selected option 2 in A: lion, tiger

The rpa is working fine when it selects either option 1 or 2 in Box A. But box B refreshes its options depending on the selection in box A. What can I do to make the box B refresh its options?

Hey @Edmundz :wave:

Most web pages will dynamically display the contents of the drop-down so, you could use a Select Item activity and dynamically pass a variable to it.

If not, use a find children activity to first extract all the available items, and then select the required one.

Try this and let me know if you are still facing any issues.


Hello @Edmundz,

have you used this method for selecting first combo box?

You have this options then so you can check items from list before:


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Hi guys I managed to solve it by adding a click activity for the first box before selecting the item. Thanks


That’s awesome @Edmundz :+1:

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