Refresh token expires everytime - Orchestrator API Call

When I’m triggering bot via api, I’m using Client Id & Refresh token to get Access token. Refresh token is for one time use. Refresh token expires after some time then i need to take again new Refresh token. So is there any way to overcome this problem of generating refresh token every time?
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As of now for oauth 2.0 that ai the way to connect


@Anil_G @codemonkee I’m getting this error while Get folder request by OAuth 2.0 authentication


Dis you create the collection properly…please checkt hat and the urls you used


Hi @pravin_bindage,
Are you generating this token in Postman as well?

Can you check if you have provided access to Folders in the scope of your external applications user?

If all necessary access has been provided, can you try setting the “scope” manually in the Authorization tab to “OR.Folders” and check?

i put this in scope - OR.Robots OR.Jobs OR.Monitoring OR.Folders
Also provided access to folders in Ext application


in Collection when you created on postman did you try getting first token? there I beleive you gave wrong details please show what you have given


Can you try clicking the generate new token in the authorization tab, copy the token and add in the headers tab Authorization = Bearer {token}

Hi guys i’m still waiting for your response. I’m not able to fix this. @codemonkee @Anil_G @Rahul_Unnikrishnan @Harika_Mudiam


Please share the above details…I guess ypur pauth configuration itself is wrong


Now i m getting Folders details but again same error for process @Anil_G

Hi @pravin_bindage

If this is what is provided in scope then processes is not there in this…please add to the scope whatall you need

To strt with try adding as many as possible in scope it would not hurt…then remove what all are not needed after getting the details


Thanks for response @Anil_G Now its working correctly.

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I have prepared a document on this if anyone needs go through it you get clear idea
Orchestrator API Call Guide.docx (1019.1 KB)

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