Refresh the new tab opened in IE


I have a situation: -

Please refer to the attached image, When i click on the “I9_EventName” (its a hyperlink), its opening in a new tab, and some time its failed to load the page.

I need a fix for the same, If its failed to load or every time its navigated to new tab it should refresh, so that even if the page didn’t loaded it will reload it.

I tried refresh browser but its refreshing the main browser not the new tab.

  1. after clicking on the hyperlink


I think your main page and navigating page ar having same attach browser selector. If possible close the main tab and refresh the page

Aman sheik


Please send hotkey of F5 for refresh the new tab once it is opened so that it will refresh once the new tab.



We have refresh activity.
When you use open browser use browser variable as output and pass the browser variable in refresh activity so that required tab will refresh.
Suggestion: don’t use the click on link, better to use navigate to activity so that your browser variable will be retained.


Not possible as once it’s re directing to new tab its job is to download the item on the page by printing to pdf and once its done close that tab and back to main window.

Where you want me to put the hotkey?? between the click and Ctrl+P activities???
you mean by this flow … Click "A I9_EventName’ —> hotkey f5 —> Ctrl+p

is it you are saying??

do you mind giving an example?? I tried using refresh activity but its refreshing the main widow and i have to to click on the hyperlink as it a clickable item, navigate will not work as the link behind the event is dynamic and i have almost 10K records to process.

i have used the attached browser and made this workflow and my open browser workflow is different.

Just before Ctrl+P , send F5 (hot key) and then give some delay until the page refreshes.

Karthik Byggari

Nope it didn’t worked.


Hi @indrajit.shah

As I understood your question, you have a link to be clicked. and once it is clicked, a new tab will be open to download some stuff. So if the new tab doesn’t fully load, you need to do a page refresh…

So, in your main tab here, i suppose you have used an attached browser activity with a browser object which is fine and working for you. However, when you click on the link that opens a new tab, to access and control the new tab, you need to have another browser object as you main one will only control the main page.

So what you can do is, once you click on the link to open the new tab, use another attach browser activity and indicate the new tab. This will allow you to control the new tab. Within the new attach browser activity, you can check and refresh the page if required… Once every thing is done, close the tab and use another attach browser with the existing main browser object to continue work…


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