Refresh Excel Sheet - (office not exist) - invoke code help

I have a problem in developing an automation for updating an excel sheet.
I have two files available.

File 1: file with the database, coming from QV.
ENT.WholeSale.Processo Clienti UBB v3.RPT.xls (1,2 MB)

File 2: Template containing the final output.
template.xlsx (525,0 KB)

The “template” file contains all the linking formulas to get the data from file 1.
But it doesn’t update without being open.
Considering that I can’t open the file, since I don’t have office on the machines, what can I do?

Can anyone help me with the invoke code x update the file, without opening it?
The file must then be sent by mail, already updated.
I’m not good with excel macros unfortunately. sorry… :expressionless:
Thanks a lot…