Refresh and type in pw to excel

Hello i have a robot that extracts information from a excel sheet. The problem its that i have to refresh the excel sheet to get todays data. Its there a function or something of how i can perform this before i extract data ?

If you use an Excel Application scope, dynamic data will refresh on opening, but if it’s a pivot table you want to refresh, you can use a Refresh Pivot Table activity.

its a excel workbook where i insert a date into sheet1 then i go into sheet2 to extract data. but i have to refresh the sheet2 to be able to see the data

I’m not sure what you mean by “refresh” in this instance. There are a few instances I’m aware of for refreshing in Excel:

1.) Refreshing pivot tables
2.) Refreshing using a backend macro that updates whenever you make an update to a sheet
3.) Refreshing a backend SQL query.

3rd option

In that case, can the workbook be modified to be macro-enabled? You can then record a macro of refreshing the SQL query, and save it. Then you can run the macro to refresh the SQL.

AS u see here i am working in Ark1, where i type in date and a code

i then go over to Ark2, where i have to update the sheet to retrieve todays work

how do i do that ?

ok made the macro, but having a issue in uipath where it says that the file its alrdy open so i cant run the invoke vba

how do i run the macro, i see its located inside the worksheet now, how do i use it in uipath ?

Use Invoke VBA before opening the workbook, and Sheet2 should be updated.

Dont work, still have issues with pulling out the data