Refresh all excel with uippath

i have in my automation workflow an excel file as output i want to do refresh all to the excel file in the end , how can i automate it? any idea or example

I’m stuck with that too.

Hi @Sachit_MATHUR welcome to forum

I had one doubt

Why there is need of refreshing excel file?

Because there is a lot of data that is getting extracted from SAP and I need my results to be real-time. Since the data is a lot it takes time when I refresh the workbook

Hi @Sachit_MATHUR

So after data is extracted from sap give some delay option in ur workflow so that excel will take some time to be update the excel sheet alone and after that open the excel file

I didn’t think there is option to refresh excel.file apart from refresh browser and refresh pivot table activity

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR hence I’m asking here if people have figured an alternate solution. It was possible earlier by invoking VBA.

Hi @Sachit_MATHUR that is what i am telling like put a delay activity before reading ur excel file so that excel file takes some time to load the data in it