ReFramwork and queries

Hey everyone I’am having trouble on knowing where to start to execute my query on the ReFramework. Any help would be appreciated.

What do you mean by “query”? Is it the process itself?

So what I’am doing us using an if activity for each header that had a null value and seeing if it exceeds 90% is there a easier way to go about doing this or will I just have to create multiple if activities?

So, from what I understand, you’re executing a query that will return some rows.
This should be executed in the Init state of the framework (after invoking the InitAllApplications.xaml file), because then you just query it once.
Then, after you have a collection of rows, you can use the GetTransactionData.xaml file to process these rows one by one.

I believe it’s easier if you do this directly in your query. Then you’ll have the correct items to be processed without needing to check them in the workflow.