REFramwework, DataTable, Assing

I’m working on a reframework.
I want to assign the data I got from get text to in_Data with assing.

I’m taking a guess here but you’re trying to take a single string variable and inserting it into a data table variable?

What you might be looking for is Add Data Row and define your string as part of a string array in the ArrayRow, depending on how many columns you have in your configured DataTable.

Hello @Yurdanur_Yusuf ,

in_Data variable is declared as DataTable type. It should be a String.

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Context is important here.

I can agree with Marius, if this is the only piece of data you need. But it is an inArgument, so I make the assumption there is already existing data in the table. If you convert it to String, then you’re overwriting the existing data.

Yurdanur, you may need to elaborate on what you’re trying to accomplish.

how can i convert to string with assing

You don’t convert an existing Argument type using an Assign activity.

But the question is, what are you trying to do with this data? why are you using an in Argument if you are setting it in this workflow?

We got a data table from the web with data scraping
I added a column
I want to add get text outputs to appropriate columns

So how do you know which row to use?

I’m assuming you are adding “Vienna” to an existing row. Are you using a For Each Row loop? Or do you know the row index where this piece of data goes into?

You can use an assign activity if you know your row index:
where # is your row index starting at 0 for row one.
then the value of the assign activity is your string with “Vienna”, given that the column type is String.

i tried but it didn’t work

Hello @iremdgn42 , @iremdgn42 ,

  1. Extract your desired data:

  1. Build a datatable (a column for each type of information you would like to extract) where to store the extracted data:

  1. Add a new row (1 row per country you may use):

  1. Use the assign aforementioned by @devroen :

Hope it clarifies your issue!

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hi i want to creat a row and perform operations with that row

and with assign

Hi @iremdgn42 ,

In order to succeed with the activities, I would suggest to take a look over the followings:

If some blocking points or errors appear, then we should address them point by point :slight_smile:

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Quick note on this; in the screen shot you left # in place, which should have been the index number of the row you wish to edit. If you want to edit row 1, the index is 0. If you want to edit row 17 the index 16. (Basically, row index is row -1 because the row index starts at 0.)