am confused, can some one tell me how to pass user name password in reframework config file?
it will single entry or i need to create 2 entries for user name and password.

a small example will help a lot to learn



@Nayak2623, Pass the Asset name in Config file.You need not pass two values.Get credential activity retrieves username & password with asset name as input which is in your config file


@sreekanth Thanks for the quick replay , I have done like below screen shot , please check and let me know if its wrong. current i am getting popup to enter user name but i want to hard code it in config file


hai @Nayak2623,

Pass the Asset Name in value (eg: your asset name is “Credential” in ur excel file it should be Name: System1Credential Value: Credential ).,



@Aravind i did the same thing right , i have attached screenshot also


@Nayak2623 what’s your asset name.,


@Aravind System1Credential is my asset name in settings sheet and setting values as username and password , and am assigning username and password 2 values in Assets sheet.

please refer my 1st rply to sreekanth where i have attached SS



@Nayak2623.You need not pass username,password.Pass System1Credential in value


hai @Nayak2623, send you config excel sheet, delete your user name and password in asset sheet .,


@sreekanth could you please elaborate, am struck in this i have completed all other , hard-coding user name password is not happening , whatever changes i do it will ask for user name password popup


@Aravind bro could you please share me sample config screenshot



find the excel sheet.

Config.xlsx (19.8 KB)