am confused, can some one tell me how to pass user name password in reframework config file?
it will single entry or i need to create 2 entries for user name and password.

a small example will help a lot to learn


@Nayak2623, Pass the Asset name in Config file.You need not pass two values.Get credential activity retrieves username & password with asset name as input which is in your config file

@sreekanth Thanks for the quick replay , I have done like below screen shot , please check and let me know if its wrong. current i am getting popup to enter user name but i want to hard code it in config file

hai @Nayak2623,

Pass the Asset Name in value (eg: your asset name is “Credential” in ur excel file it should be Name: System1Credential Value: Credential ).,


@Aravind i did the same thing right , i have attached screenshot also

@Nayak2623 what’s your asset name.,

@Aravind System1Credential is my asset name in settings sheet and setting values as username and password , and am assigning username and password 2 values in Assets sheet.

please refer my 1st rply to sreekanth where i have attached SS


@Nayak2623.You need not pass username,password.Pass System1Credential in value

hai @Nayak2623, send you config excel sheet, delete your user name and password in asset sheet .,

@sreekanth could you please elaborate, am struck in this i have completed all other , hard-coding user name password is not happening , whatever changes i do it will ask for user name password popup

@Aravind bro could you please share me sample config screenshot


find the excel sheet.

Config.xlsx (19.8 KB)


what is name and value in setting file for orchestrator credential asset

What you pass to the process in config file is only “Credential Name”. ReFramework check if provided Credential name exist on Local machine or Orchestrator if both not available it prompt you to enter username and password and save it under specified Credential name locally. ^^


Please do not hardcode any passwords!
Please use Orchestrator Credential Asset to store / retrieve Username & Password more securely.
Please & Thank you!


Could you please attach the “Main file here” So that i can get clear with the above stuffs. I really confused with “Get credential”. I have created the asset value in orch and even i can invoke in work flow too but i can’t read it from the " Config file"