REFramework without Queue

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

How can we use Reframework without queue? My process doesn’t have any input transaction items to be processed one-by-one. My process just involves login to application and download some files. So for this requirement can you please let me know how can I modify ReFramework? Can I just leave Get Transaction Data state blank without modifying anything inside it?

Hi @Siddarth_Nair

Sure, see here:

It’s an example using just Excel file as input.


I would not recommend using REFramework for such a simple linear process. Just create the project from scratch instead - it will be easier/faster/less buggy than modifying the reframework


Thanks for ur info can u share some sample xaml plz

The trainings give instructions how to modify the ReFramework to work with DataTables instead of QueueItems. It was made to be flexible enough to work for both and UiPath does suggest its usage in that case.