REFramework Using Input File from Network Folder


I’m seeing how I can set my config file to read the input file in a network folder location vs having to put it in the Data folder.

Is this possible? I want this because I am using Alteryx to output a file that I will use as an input file. I cannot write the output to the Data folder because the Alteryx Server only allows to write to certain files in the Network folder and cannot write to the desktop location of the Data folder.

Thank you!

@Shawn_Ngoh_US_Tax Yes it is possible, you only need to change the path in InitAllSettings.xaml argument in_ConfigFile to your network path config file

@Shawn_Ngoh_US_Tax - Yes - It is possible to read the file from network location.

in_ConfigFile Path → you can point the network folder name\filename.xlsx like “\abcmachineName\foldername\configFileName.xslx”

It will be a better performance (read file) when you create a Map Netowork Drive.

Just to clarify, I want the input file location that’s listed in my config file. I don’t need to change the location of the config file itself.

@Shawn_Ngoh_US_Tax - it will work fine with network share drive path.
before that make sure - robot user having access to that file.

@Shawn_Ngoh_US_Tax Network Path usually starts with \ instead of . So Please change your path and it will be working fine but I would recommend you to keep the path in the Asset instead of Config file because network path may change in future.

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