Reframework transaction data source as Json via orchestrator API?

I’m trying to learn Reframework and understand how the data gets inserted into the system. Most of the time the initial data source is provided as a local file in excel. But what if I provide the data only via Orchestrator API? how can I do that? that means that I will both start the project together the arguments and UIpath will not scrap any data, but start with a external software (Postman for prototyping but I will use Cypress later) that will push the data via orchestrator API, so my file will have no starting data at all - in that case do I will need the excel file?

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If I understand your question correctly, you’re going to have to first Post the data into an Orchestrator Queue. Once the data is in the queue, you can use the activity ‘Get Transaction Item’ within the ‘GetTransactionData’ workflow.

You will not need a local excel file to start the robot.


You can also use data table to store your data. @danielvianna


@bradsterling you are correct. My data has 8 fields, 1 of them is used to open app 1 (always runs first) then 7 of them are used in app 2 (always used as a second step) .
I’m assuming that I need to get the data as json and then I need to transform into tabular? or it’s not necessary?
Is there a similar (or as close as possible) example project in github for me to checkout?

I was thinking about this, but do I need to do that to work well?

Example of my data for app one:
Product type - Basic, Premium, Ultra (each one clicks on a radio button on the first app)

Example of my data
Product expiry date - could be many (date field in app)
Product type - Lease or Perpetual (date field in app)

My understanding is that the dispatcher (referencing the exercise) will be replaced by pure JSon api call?

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@danielvianna You can use either JSON or XML, whichever is easiest for you. As long as you can isolate the variables in the 8 fields, the method doesn’t matter. In terms of transforming to tabular, that would depend on the data but isn’t necessarily required, although might make things easier.

I’m not aware of a project on github. However, the below documentation is a good place to get started.