REFramework: To automate process while monitoring a third party Queue

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We have a use case where the input data needs to be fetched from a third-party application. You may imagine logging into a third-party web application and post login we see a list of transactions. This can be considered as a work queue. Dynamically, new transactions populate in this queue. The BOT needs to pick one >> open the transaction >> read its contents (which is the input data fields) >> then launch other web apps and perform the automation process. Once done, that transaction needs to be closed and move on to the next transaction in that queue.
I am thinking if this use-case can be implemented using REFramework. Here, as I see as input data is available dynamically developing a dispatcher process doesn’t make sense to me. The whole of input data cannot be obtained at any point as the work queue gets populated at run-time; a constant monitoring of the queue is required. In such a case, how can we use REFramework template?

The REFramework offers a robust way to handle exceptions and retry mechanisms so would like to go for that unless its not recommended for my use-case. Kindly let me know.

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Is it possible to get the total number of data you have to process, if you know that then using a counter with Reframe work you can do that…

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No @sarathi125. The input queue will populate dynamically. As the robot is processing, new items may be added to the work queue for the robot to process.