ReFrameWork says , but in a blank project it works fine


I’ve encountered a problem, I’m not able to pull info (assets, queues, bucket…) from Orchestrator while using ReFrameWork → “You are not authenticated! Error code: 0”, but if I start a new blank project the same sequence works as expected. Since the user and robot remains equal I think that config in orchestrator is fine.

While cloning ReFrameWork from UiPath Studio a dialog box prompt saying that repo is in an older version and Studio will updated it.

Any clues?,

that is because the RE framework is using the activities that are depreciated, Try updating the packages in that REF file and see if that works?

Awesome, Thank you.

In Manage Packages / Project Dependencies / UiPath.System.Activities

  • Downgrade from: v21.10.0-preview v21.4.1
  • In Runtime Rule from: Strict Lowest Applicable Version
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