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In reframework inside the process… I have my flow, with all increments and values… if and application error occurs and if the flow get inside the catch the value is not equal to the value which I assigned inside my process flow

Please can you share more details and screenshot .


Could you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.

Change the scope of your variables which you want to access inside catch.
As of now your variable scope may be only Sequence inside the Try block,
Change the variable scope from sequence to your try block name and i m sure it will be accessible in your catch block.

Else you can share your REF code to validate and check

return (2).zip (39.0 KB)

check this out…

I have assigned a in init as 5 and inside process it is assigned as 3…’

If any system exception is thrown inside process…

In catch and in the error part it is getting as 5…

Please check…

I need the answer to be 3 in the catch and in the error

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@Palaniyappan Help me with this

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Hope, this will help.

return (3).zip (39.9 KB)

Here my process catch is not executed

Hi @Sweety_Girl
let me explain why this happens
–usually when a INVOKE WORKFLOW file fails in try block and if want to use the variables or arguments from that xaml, we wont be able to fetch the values of them as it got failed…
for example, have a view on this xaml (11.1 KB)

–so if want the value to be updated we need to make again a ASSIGN activity with the value as 3
like this
var1 = 3
and also along with this i would like suggest that always name the arguments along with the argument direction like in_arg, out_arg, inout_arg

so the solution for your scenario is add a assign activity in CATCH BLOCK also with value as 3 assigned like how we did inside the INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE xaml

Cheers @Sweety_Girl

Process catch will be executed whenever their is an error in the attach browser or your activity.

any other solution, this wont work in my process

May I know the reason buddy

As u said, I can assign it in catch If the value is known…
In my try the value keep on changing, so I cannot assign a fixed value in catch

still we can do that with a variable, isnt it

Is it like this

Var1= var1

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yah @Sweety_Girl

I tried something with your idea, I just added try catch and passed the exception to the parent flow…
Its working now

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Awwesome @Sweety_Girl

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