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I just want to understand and learn this question
can you please explin

Hi @Akbar_Badhusa ,

In layman terms, the process will stop only after it finishes processing the current transaction i.e. say you uploaded/dispatched 10 items to queue.

If the bot is processing transaction number 5 and you hit stop, the bot will complete processing transaction number 5 before coming to a halt - it won’t stop abruptly unless you kill it.

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Ashwin A.K


After Click on Stop From Orchestrator the running transaction will continue normally and once completed and when workflow start to get another item first check if Stop requested or no and you can find it in any Reframework Project by click on Main then Click on Get Transaction Data and you will see below condition.


Thanks for the wonderful reply…really appreciate it
So it is the Option B or C is the answer?
Please explain the difference between this two options

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you welcome any time and the right choose is C and i added clarification in below screen hope its help you :slight_smile:

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