Reframework multiple excel files as input

Is it possible to read multiple excel files with multiple sheets as input into Reframework.? Need to compare these excel files to produce an output excel.


please refer from this post


Thank you will look into this.

This may not help as i have multiple sheets in a single Excel file, which needs to be stored into mutiple datatables and content of one datatable needs to be compared with the other datatables simultaneously, can’t take as a single transaction item in Re-Framework. Is there a way in Re-Framework where multiple datatables can be passed in one Transaction Item and in the Process.xaml , these can be compared.

In that case if you want to send as one transaction then either you can send as a list of datatables or if the datatable has same column structure then you can merge them together as one datatable and send it as one transaction item

Then to compare and get the matching and u matching values we have got expression to get them being a list of datatable or merged datatables

For more details on datatable

Cheers @mailsmithash