ReFramework Logs location

Hi ,
I have creates a bot using REFramework and i have added only Log messages for each and every activity. I just want to know where exactly the logs locates in our machine. How can i see complete execution logs?
Ang how can we create custom logs in ReFramework?

1.) Complete execution logs can be found in Orchestrator when you run a process. Set the level to Trace if you want to see everything. If you have the Enterprise Edition, you can also view these in Kibana.

2.) You can create custom logs by using the Log Message activity. This also allows you to choose the level at which the message is logged in Orchestrator.

thanks for quick response.
now i am using community edition. i have added log message activity in my work flow so after run the bot i just want to check logs so that may i know the exact logs location?

They are stored on the cloud in Orchestrator. They are not stored locally.

ok so we need to create our own logs instead of that am i right?

When you go to view the logs, there is an export button at the top right of the screen (blue round button). You can retrieve the logs that way if you need to keep a copy for yourself.