Hello there RPA Developers,
Hello rookies, and hello juniors.

Back in the day when I was starting with UiPath academy and when I first saw REFramework I must say I was confused, there were some things I couldn’t understand and I spent a lot of time on academy tutorials and youtube, and still, it was hard to understand everything…
Now, my friend asked me to help him understand REFramework so I decide to make a Lite version, I removed all unnecessary things, this framework is straightforward without error handling without orchestrator communication, simple task, reading excel document printing row by row, and finishing projects, the idea of this project is so rookie/junior/newbie can understand how framework work, you can open document to see the data, you can run the robot to see what it does and finally you can explore the project to see how it does it. try using this simple version of the framework to get yourself familiar with process flow and when you understand how it is meant to work then you can enjoy exploring a regular (powerful) framework.

I hope this will help you.

Here’s the GIT link

And here is a zip file (2.0 MB)


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