REframework - KillingAllProcesses.XAML

Hi all,

I just newly tough REframework.

However, i not understand different between KillingAllProcesses.xaml and CloseAllApplications.xaml.

and what should be used in KillingAllProcesses.xaml.

beside in “end Process” States, KillingAllProcesses.xaml also incurred in init states, may i know any reason it incurred?



Hi @Pangheechoy

Kill Process
Kill process is used to forcefully terminate running applications. Its similar to what we do with windows task manager when some apps ade not responding. So in case of an error in the workflow, if we need to forcefully end the process, we use the KillAllProcesses.xaml to kill all associated applications. When this command is given, it will terminate the application irrespective of the state it is at the time thr command is given. In order to kill applications, we use the Kill Process activity and we mention the process name which we want to kill.

Close all applications
This is callled when the tasks are completed successfully and you want to close the associated applications in the normal way. Additionally, this is also called when we give the Stop command is given through the orchestrator. This stop command do not forcefully terminate the application. It will first stop the tasks it is currently.performing when the currently executing step is completed. In CloseAllApplications, you have to specify what is the normal order you need to close the application. For example, logout of a web application and the close the tab.

Why killAllProcess is called in Init state is because it is only used when an error occurs. If at any point the error occurs, the Framework will get back to init state to retry the execution from the beginning. So to retry, it needs to forcefully close the apps to start from the beginning. Thats why it is in init state. Additionally, when the workflow starts initially, it makes sure the opened applications are closed before opening again.

Why closeAllApplications are in end process state is because it is called when the process is completed successfully…

Hope it helps…

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