Reframework - How to take screenshots of ALL steps for transactions?

So instead of exceptions, I would like to take screenshots of all the screens in Process.xaml. I currently have 2 custom desktop applications and for each transaction row I go through 2 of them and I would like to take a screenshot so it can be used later as history for debugging. Then name these screenshots based on each transaction item and the current screen that is seeing, example case1-serial.exe, case1-dongleconfig.exe.


You have to use Take Screenshot activity to take screenshot and use it whenever you want.


Hey @lakshman I understand that I need to use that activity. But I’m trying to use a method that works with reframework for each row

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Hi @danielvianna, Have you tried using the “TakeScreenshot.xaml” that comes along with the ReFramework?

TakeScreenshot.xaml (8.6 KB)

hey SudhakarAs92, yes I tried, but I’m total newbie (I have 2 weeks of experience in UI path and no programming or QA background). I read the documentation but I could not change it (I don’t understand what is going on on that module). All I know it take screenshots based on exceptions but I don’t know where to configure to take screenshot of all cases. It is more complex than basic tutorials. I will try doing more tutorials