REFramework -How to Set the Transaction status when datarow and QueueItem is not used?

Hi All,

I am working on a process to read gmail and process the attachment(pdf format).

In this case, how to get the attached pdf as a transaction item (since it is this PDF needs to be processed in the process transaction) and to set the transaction status once the process is completed.
NB:This process does not involve queues.

Would be a great help if some one can share their thoughts and guidance.

Thank you all.

@Palaniyappan @vvaidya : Kindly share your thoughts if possible…


Where do you want to set a transaction status if you don’t use a queue?

Hi schwarzp,

I am using REFramework for this process.The approach was to define the transaction status in the -Set Transaction provided by REFramework in Final stage of Process Transaction, so that we could know whether each of the mails and their attachments got processed successfully or encountered an exception while running the orchestrator.

Please correct me if my approach is wrong.Thank you again for the help offered.


To set a transaction status you need a queue. Otherweise where should the transaction status be saved?

So if you don’t want to use a queue you cannot use the inbuild set transaction status of the framework. you would need to replace that by your own reporting/excel/ etc.

Thank you so much for the kind help and for sharing a better clarity on REFramework.Marking this as solution.


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