REFramework/ GetTransactionData.xaml

I faced a problem with GetTransactionData.xaml. I have invoked another workflow that creates a datatable correctly and passes it as an argument into GetTransactionData.xaml. After this it should proceed into Process.xaml and iterate over the stored data as datarows. The first iteration works fine, but the datatable, that should be in GetTransactionData.xaml, seems have lost its value (>Is Nothing)…

What might be the problem?


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You mean TransactionData becomes null after first iteration ?

Yes, TransactionData gets null after first iteration


Hope TransactionData argument direction is In/Out in GetTransactionData workflow. And also you are not making DataTable as null in Process State.

If possible run the process in Debug mode and check step by step where it is getting null.

Thank you for your quick support, I appreciate it. I found the problem now. The problem was at “Get Transaction Data” -state, I hadnt pass “TransactionData” -variable as argument (io) from this state… Now the dataflow is working as meant :+1: Thanks!


Great. Happy Automation :v:


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