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I’m running the Community Edition 2019.5.0.

I’m trying to put a workflow together that runs some reports. However, the pane where they show up is not individually selectable by UiPath. As a work around, can I feed images of the report names into Get Transaction, pass it as io_TransactionData and then process them in REFramework?

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Could you instead use a get text on the pane the report names appear in and seperate out the report names using string manipulation?

Unfortunately Get Text comes back blank when I tried it.

How about get visible text?

Or perhaps the data is stored in an attribute?

we can use Computer vision activities in such cases where the individual elements are not selectable…kindly have a view on this and try buddy

Cheers @rridlen


I’ve never worked with the Get Attribute activity. It just returned an error so I’m not sure if that’ll work yet. Get Visibile Text did manage to populate info. I’ll try figuring out the string manipulation and seeing if I can make it work.


I tried the Computer Vision and it works fine for certain elements, but it’s grabbing the report title & the last modified date together as one element. I think that caused an issue when I tried to iterate through multiple transactions.

Could you please attach the screen of report pane?

well you can get the report title alone without last modified date using string manipulations
can i have a view on that title and last modified date coming together as a string, a screenshot
if possible Cheers @rridlen

It seems like it would be straight forward, but UiPath doesn’t find unique selectors for any of the elements. It’s just one big box, essentially like most of the panels in an SAP environment.

Sorry, I’m having problems recreating the issue. Last week I was getting selector boxes around the entire title & last modified. Today it’s breaking the title into smaller non-unique pieces.

kindly have a view on this

Cheers @rridlen

If anyone else bumps into this, I was able to use the Get Visible Text combined with changing from Desktop recorder to Native Citrix to interact with the pane.

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