Reframework error#

Hello as seen here are two separate workflows and what I’m trying to do is adding the data into queue based on the GUID process (first workflow) and everything is being added to the queue but the GUID what might me the problem?

GUDIprocess.xaml (20.8 KB)
random name.xaml (45.6 KB)

I think it might be the guid argument? should be in/out?

Hi @bakrious12

Where you are reading guid from that xaml the guid should be out and where you are trying to set the guid value to queue in that xaml guid should be in

In your xaml change the argument guid direction for random name make it as IN

And not sure why you are trying to fill infodt twice once in both xaml. because the second one will over right the first one

Is that clear?


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Thankyou bro you are the best!

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