Reframework dispatcher process

How can i work with this can anybody help me using re-framework
REF With DATATable (Dispacther)

  1. Read the Data from Application
    Read Student name from multiple pages
    2.Get the Datatable and store in Excel

  2. For each record - get the REQ ID and Email ID

  3. Store the REQ ID and Email ID back to the Excel

  4. Load the Record from Step 4 to QUEUE -

Note :For queue item i will use performer


Please check this


Hi anil thanks for video its helpful but in coding how can i do can that


This has implementation


To work with the given task using the re-framework in UiPath, you can use the following steps:

  1. Create a new UiPath project and select the re-framework as the project type.
  2. In the Init state, use the Read Range activity to read the data from the Excel file containing the student names.
  3. In the Main state, use a For Each loop to iterate through the records in the data table.
  4. For each record, use the Read Application activity to read the student name from the application.
  5. Use the Get Value activity to retrieve the REQ ID and Email ID for the current record.
  6. Use the Write Cell activity to write the REQ ID and Email ID back to the Excel file.
  7. Use the Add Queue Item activity to add the current record to the queue.
  8. In the End state, use the Close Application activity to close the application.