REFramework: copy the data from 2 most recent file & paste it to another excel file separated in sheets

I am trying to build a workflow automation using REFRAMEWORK where the bot reads all the excel file from the input folder and process the two most recent excel files by copying the data from the sheet of each file and then paste it in a template excel file which contains a formula. im not using orchestrator and queue for this. my problem is there is only one transaction data with a data type “datatable” so I can only pass one datatable to it which is the current excel file…how will I pass the datatable for previous excel file to the transaction data?

like how will I pass the datatable output of 2 excel files as transaction and then process it.

You can use Merge Datatable to merge the results of reading multiple Excel workbooks, as long as the column structure to each is the same. If it is not, you’ll need to create a List of Datatables, which actually would work in either case, but the former option will make it easier to treat each row as a transaction if you decide to change the model.

may I ask if I merge the datatables will I be able to separate it again? here’s the scenario: excel1 with a sheet name “data” contains rows of data, excel2 with a sheet name “data” contains rows of data, now I need to extract those and save in a datatable. now I have excel1datable & excel2datatable…I will write these datatables in a new excel file in 2 different sheets. the first sheet will contain the excel1datable & then second sheet with excel2datable.

In that case, I recommend the 2nd option: creating a list of datatables and processing each datatable separately.