Reframework Config Dictionary Does Not Like Variables?

Hello all,

This should be a best practices thing. So, basically, I want to use the config dictionary in ReFramework to store all my variables, including some that are generated using Now.ToShortDate + “xyz filename”. What I am noticing, is that when the variable is initialized from excel, there isn’t a great way to have it put in 11/16/2021 xyz filename instead of literally printing:

Now.ToShortDate + “xyz filename”

if I print it in a messagebox.

Is there an elegant way to handle variables in a dictionary inited from excel which will give me the concatenated and final version of the statement instead of a string copy?

oh, a note that may help: The only workaround I have going is:

After the reframework looks through the excel file and creates the Config Dictionary, I have put in a multiple assign that adds in anything with variables/references to using relative dates/concatenations. Is this the best way, or can I somehow not have a separate assign for these variables?

There is one way, you can use concat function in excel which goes like this:

You can explore today function in excel to set your defined format.

So when UiPath will read, it will take the value of the cell!
Let me know if it works.