REFramework concatenation


Right now, I am working on a process which is divided into 2 subprocesses. The subprocesses have been developed in REF each, due to their complexity level. Now I need to concatenate them to run one after the other. My idea is to create a separate workflow in which to use “Start Job” and start them simultaneous, presuming that the second one will be with status “Pending”. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?

Thank you!

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You cannot run a process two processes simultaneously from same bot you will have to schedule them in a way that first process starts before the second one

I am aware of that, but thanks. In the meantime, I solved my issue.

Hi deliapanca,

I have exactly the same scenario. How do u solve it? Did you build 2 Reframeworks and have the 1st reframework transit to 2nd one in the same main page?


I have created a workflow in which I invoked the Main workflows of both REF, so they run exactly one after the other. :slight_smile:
Also, be careful to change to the paths in the Invoke activities.