REFramework best practice - Where to write Output Excel File


I’m currently automating a process with the REFramework, where I have an Excel database with the IDs of some people, and I must look their IDs in the local governement’s webpage in order to see if they owe any traffick tickets. Basically, after the search, some data needs to be scraped from the website and put back into the Excel.

I’m using DataRow as TransactionItem and DataTable as TransactionData.

The process is working fine, but I had some trouble deciding where to put the WriteRange activity for updating the Excel file. If I put it in the “ProcessTransaction” then the Excel would be opened at every transaction, what seems to me not to be very efficient. However, if I put it on “End Process” it is like that there is no place designed for that kind of activity there, so I’m not sure which would be the best practices within the REFramework for writing into the output files.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have!

@danyel117 You can use the write range in both the cases.

  1. If you want to use it in process transaction, you can use write range (workbook) activity which will not open the excel file but updates the data. Else, you can build the datatable for all transaction and write range once transaction item is completed.

  2. If you want to use it end process, you will have to build the datatable in process transaction and change the scope to highest one. So you can write it in end process.

My Suggestion: As you not comfortable in opening excel file every transaction, I would suggest you to use Workbook - write range in process transaction.

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how to write the result in excel file. In the excel file i am having data in 1st column, I need to write the result in next column in Reframe work

The process is to add the items from excel into orchestrator queue and get the items from queue and do online search and get text for every item. I have done upto that part need to write the result in excel.