ReFrameWork assignment-1

Capture Help me by solving this error

@TarakMakkena once check your initialization stage whether you passed the arguments correctly or not.

Hi @TarakMakkena

It looks like your attach browser selector is not working in the close all applications xaml file. From the error, I see that you are looking for the dashboard page in close all applications attach browser activity. Since you have specified that dashboard should be visible it will expect the dashboard page is visible by the time you reach close applications state. I think that’s now happening and you are on a different page. So you have to options.

  1. Make sure to navigate to dashboard before you get to that attach browser activity.
  2. Or change the selector using a wild card to make it work irrespective of the page you are. You can do this by changing the selector title tag as
    <html title='ACME System 1*'/>

It should help you get rid of the error :slight_smile:

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