Reframe work input file download form website

I am working on project in re framework where i have to download a input file form website only once . so when the bot fails i dont to download again whre do i have to invoke the file

Hi @T_Y_Raju,

Try this,

  1. Create a boolean Flag variable like InputFileDownloaded, set default value as false
  2. Keep the work flow in Init State. Put it inside If Block under the following condition
  3. If InputFileDownloaded = False, then download the file at the end set the InputFileDownloaded as True


here i have to check with the file name

Hi @T_Y_Raju ,

I believe you will be downloading the input file and saving it in a Specified Folder. So maybe a check could be done to verify whether the file is already existing in the Folder Location.

For retrieval of File paths from the folder we can use the below Expression :

downloadedFilePaths = Directory.GetFiles("Your Folder Path").ToArray

downloadedFilePaths is of the type Array of String.

Next we can check whether the file to be downloaded is present in this list, if present we an Skip or throw a Business Exception if the Transaction is the File to be downloaded.