Reformat String to a date



Hi All

I’m trying to build bot that checks the messages from LinkedIn. Now what I did is used data scraper to get the Name from the sender and the Date. However linkedin showes the date like “Today, yesterday,…” and older messages Like for example “Oct 12” in a string. what I need is to to filter out the dates of a specific given date that need to be checked. so What i’m trying to do now to assign all posibilities to a specific date. for example if the string contains ‘Today’ to reformat that to an actuall date.
Could someone help me with this? My way isnt the only way of course so if someone has a better example please feel free to share it…

Thanks alot!


Can you explain how you have done it currently or share the workfow…


Well, I haven’t done it yet. That was actually my question. if there is a way or a better way then the assign activity way…